“Kim has the discipline, sensitivity, and attention to detail that help her excel in rehabilitating injured horses. I always feel I have a fantastic team member when Kim is working on a case with me. Not every trainer had the compassion and patience to work with bringing back challenging cases but in my experience Kim has been creative and careful with these horses.”
Pamela L. Muhonen, DVM

“I can highly recommend Kim Leonard for you and your horse. She has great “horse sense” and “human sense.” Kim has a wonderful ability to not only know what would work best for you and your horse, but to be able to tell you HOW you can make it work also. A rare talent.”
Sandy W.

“I absolutely trust Kim Leonard, Bit of Honey Training. Over the last 15 years, I used and tried 5 other trainers. Kim is the best and last trainer I will ever use. I’ve sent all my young horses to her for their first rides. I’ve also sent her older horses that have to work through an issue. Kim takes any horse, no matter and starts them at ground zero. When she is finished there are no holes in their program. And she is honest. If she says she put so many hours on a horse, she did. My horses “love” and trust her. The only problem I’ve had with Kim is that they all want to be her personal horse. Kim is schooled in English and Western. She has also been certified in Sally Swift’s program as a Certified Centered Riding Instructor. It is very important to me for my horses to go to the right home, that the new owner is a right fit. Kim is excellent at placing my horses.”
Cheryl Rennels, Legend Trail Ranch

“Kim understands people and horses, and their need to feel safe and confident. To that end, she meticulously designs individualized lessons for her students. After a lesson with Kim, I always felt exhilarated and happy, and that I had really accomplished something special and worthwhile with my horse. It was also a joy for me to watch Kim ride my horse so I could see just how capable and talented he is. She brings out the best in horse and rider!”
Erica M.

First rides for Alex and me on Dancer and Rush yesterday. Wonderful experience – they are such good ponies. Thank you Kim for being such a great trainer, and knowing so well how to pick horses for your clients. Your intuitiveness with horses is equally as good as your understanding of your clients. We are fortunate to be in your barn!
Mark A.

“Kim was an inspired choice to start my driving mare under saddle. I wanted to preserve the horse’s enthusiasm, confidence and sweet temperament while she learned a new discipline that placed different stresses on her body and mind. Kim was sensitive to the mare’s earnest efforts to learn new cues and balance; Kim also enjoyed the spirited freedom the horse expressed in moving without blinkers and cart shafts. Now I have a second option to enjoy my adored equine and we’re happily showing, trail riding and soon… jumping! My mare believes she’s a superstar and thinks canter serpentines are a breeze. Kim’s also providing an assortment of show schedules and training targets to get me out of winter’s blahs. At first we just wanted to extended canter safely in a ringful of fresh horses. Then our ribbons became proof that we identified the right challenge and successfully added new skills.”
Sally C.

“I’ve known Kim for several years as her equine veterinarian. I have seen Kim work with many horses as a trainer, as a veterinary technician, and as a rehabilitation specialist. Kim has keen knowledge and insight into the horses in her care. This gives her a tremendous edge in knowing how to train her horses, and when training may not be the key, but when they are actually in need of medical care. She is always kind with her animals, but firm when needed. With all these attributes, feel assured that when you ask Kim to train your horse, she will have your horse’s best interest in mind.”
Dr. Landes, Equine Medical Service, http://www.emsvet.com/

“I continually thank my lucky stars that I found Kim Leonard. With her perceptiveness and organized instruction, she was able to help me be successful with a horse that was probably too much for my ability level. Thanks to her expertise, I am now a confident trail rider on a horse who respects me.”
Carol S.

“I just wanted to say thank you for fitting me in yesterday. It was a good lesson. And more than that, it was so encouraging for me to find someone who includes the horse’s interests in their training, and is successfully working in partnership with them. I was getting a bit discouraged after seeing many horses clearly not enjoying their work and only performing because they have to. It’s good to see firsthand positive methods in the industry.”  Melanie P.

“This was my first show in 25 years, with a horse I’ve only had 3 months. Overcoming my fear of insecurity, low self confidence, judgement and thoughts of failure were a huge first step for me. After the last 12 years I’ve had 8 surgeries, chronic debilitating vertigo and been told that I shouldn’t be riding with the old back injuries I have…but…I did it! I put myself out there with the support of some pretty amazing ladies from Bit of Honey Training and Kim Leonard…  Even though I’m overjoyed with the ribbons, I am the most proud of how much fun I had, the partnership with my horse that strengthened and grew over the weekend, and the entire experience. Lots to work in preparation for next year, but we took a first huge step this year and this is something I will never forget.”  Amy K.