Lesson Horses

“No one can teach riding so well as a horse” – C.S. Lewis


Rain is a solid black paint mare with a beautiful blue eye who stands at a stocky 14.3 hands. In her younger years she was a broodmare and threw beautiful flashy colored foals. She now rides English and is light and sensitive, making her appropriate for the intermediate to advanced riders. Rain has an incredible rocking horse canter and a smooth trot.  She loves to trail ride and do jump in the arena, and is very patient with her students. She has an excellent memory, and remembers old friends both human and equine even if she hasn’t seen them in years.



Cosmo is our favorite small pony at 13 hands, and an excellent friendly beginner ride.  He loves children and is known for his “chuckle” when he sees someone coming with a cookie.  He is a great leadline pony who takes very careful care of his riders, but when his kids are ready he is also capable of cute dressage rides and jumping cross country.



Walsh came to Bit of Honey Training in fall of 2016 after Kim had her eye on him the entire show season.  He is 13.3 hands tall and a great move-up pony for young riders ready to advance their skills.  He is an incredible jumper as well as a rhythmic pony to ride on the flat in dressage.  Walsh likes to work on a loose rein while cueing off of weight shifts and breathing, making him a great choice for teaching the finesse ride.



Beauty is a blue roan Quarter Horse mare who loves to go out on trails and jump.  She can be a very forward ride, but incredibly patient with riders learning cues and balance.  She rides english and is great with voice commands, which is fun when riders realize how many “buttons” she has!



In the fall of 2010, Bit of Honey Training wanted to add a lesson horse to the program. A potential pony was advertised online as a lesson pony, but when we met him he would not let a human touch him, had very deformed feet, was blind in one eye, malnourished, wheezing, and skittish. We declined to purchase him at that time and left.

Months later, the pony reappeared in the back of Kim’s mind with an urgent plea to come get him. Locating him took quite a bit of searching online, around two counties, and through the grapevine. Finally, after two months of looking, we tracked him down to the feedlot where he was to meet his end. We purchased him at night in a blizzard for fifty dollars. It was so difficult to find him that he was named after the GPS device, Garmin, because the stars must have been in alignment in order for him to make it to Bit of Honey.

By July 2011 Garmin was halter trained, stood quietly for grooming and handling, and quietly wore blankets. He had gained nearly 200 lbs, recovered from his many illnesses, and his feet were trimmed regularly. He was ready for his first show. After successfully competing in hand he worked for several years as our Public Relations Pony. He represented Bit of Honey Training at all kinds of venues, from horse expos in Denver and Nebraska to local holiday parades in Wellington, CO. His other jobs included calming the high-strung horses at the stable and moonlighting as a clicker-trained trick pony.

Despite still being young, Garmin has lost his eyesight in both eyes from cataracts. He is now completely blind, and because of this he no longer travels to large shows. Garmin gets around just fine here at the ranch with the help of his best friend as a seeing-eye-horse. He can be found with his buddy running around Bit of Honey Training just like two birds swooping through the air together.