One For Nothing




  • 7 y/o
  • 16.0h
  • Dark bay with two front socks
  • OTTB gelding
  • Temperament 6
  • priced at $9000 to increase with training

One For Nothing, or “Note” a we call him around the barn, is currently in training at Bit of Honey as an eventing prospect.

Note retired from racing in Arizona in December 2015 as a six year old with 44 starts and winning over $40,000.  He made his way to Bit of Honey Training after he was advertised through the CANTER Arizona trainer listings.  He was a cryptorchid stallion who was fully gelded with an abdominal surgery in June 2016 here in Colorado.  Because the castration was so involved we gave him significant time to heal from surgery, and he went through his let-down from racing simultaneously.

Note is very well behaved while being handled by a professional, although he still has some stallion behaviors.  He does now share a fence line with mares now that he has chilled out and doesn’t worry so much about the ladies.  He gets along with most geldings, but is very dominant.  Note is very well behaved in hand and under saddle as long as his handler is clear and provides structure.  He ties, clips, bathes, loads, stands quietly at the mounting block, and has good ground manners.  Under saddle he has been working on the flat in the arena at the walk, trot, and canter demonstrating three very nice gaits.  He happily hops over cross-rail gymnastics, and hacks out in the fields nicely both alone or with a group.  He has done some cross country jump schooling over small logs and enjoys it.

Note has the athleticism, temperament, and training foundation to be an upper level horse in jumpers, dressage, or eventing.  He is best suited to someone who is interested in and capable of bringing him to his full potential, ideally a professional with stallion experience.  Because he is extremely intelligent and has a temper, Note would appeal to someone who is looking for a horse with that extra “something” to put them ahead of the competition.

Videos of Note can be seen here:

More information about Note’s training can be found at

Contact Kim Leonard 970-231-9999, or email at with inquiries.

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