Daisy – SOLD


Congratulations to Karlie on her purchase of Daisy!  Looking forward to hearing about your trail riding adventures together!



Daisy is a registered Appaloosa mare with only a few spots near her withers.  She is looking for her new home, hopefully with a kid who likes riding!

12 y/o
Sorrel mare, 3 socks, star, stripe, snip
14.3 hands
Registered Appaloosa

Barefoot with great feet
Loads, ties, bathes, etc.
Current on deworming, vaccinations, farrier, dental work, etc.

Riding video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vr4fbJfK3x8

Daisy will make a wonderful kids’ pony!  She is currently in training here at Bit of Honey and riding english, but was started under saddle in western tack.  Daisy doesn’t want to work too hard, and is a bit on the lazy side.  With a kid who is confident and will make her go she will be a ton of fun!  Absolutely no naughtiness under saddle other than being on the slow side.  She can be somewhat pushy on the ground, but with clear boundaries in her handling she has great manners.  Daisy is easy and uncomplicated to ride with smooth gaits.  She has a steady walk, trot, and canter.  She also has a strong whoa (so sit back!), and has been started jumping over crossrails.  She is going in an eggbutt snaffle and is definitely a push ride especially once she has taken a few laps around the arena.

DaisyRDaisyLDaisyHindDaisyFrontDaisyFace2DaisyFaceBridle DaisyKim2DaisyKimDaisyRegPapers

Contact Kim for more information!